Frequently Asked Questions



When can you expect to receive your orders?

Our Standard Shipping leads at 2-7 working days from date of order, while our Express Shipping leads at 1-2 working days. (Standard Shipping Example: Order on Monday, expect to receive from Wednesday to the following Wednesday)

Do we provide Express Shipping?

Our Express Shipping rates, applicable for #WebsiteStore only, starts from $15.00 depending on weight of order, and leads at 1-2 working days. (Example: Order on Monday, expect to receive on Tuesday or Wednesday)

Orders weighing below 1kg : $15.00

Orders weighing 1kg to 3kg : $16.00

Orders weighing above 3kg : $22.00

*Free Shipping not applicable for Express Shipping Option.

What are our Shipping Rates?

Our Shipping Rates varies for different stores, due to respective platform's policy.


Orders weighing below 1kg : $5.00

Orders weighing 1kg to 3kg : $6.00

Orders weighing above 3kg : $12.00

Free Shipping : For orders above $155.00


Orders weighing below 5kg : $1.49

Orders weighing 5kg to 10kg : $3.95

Orders weighing 10kg to 20kg : $6.09

Free Shipping : For orders above $155.00


Orders at any weight : $1.49

Free Shipping : For orders above $155.00


Orders weighing below 5kg : $3.99

Orders weighing 5kg to 10kg : $6.49

Orders weighing 10kg to 15kg : $8.99

Free Shipping : For orders above $155.00

Can you self-collect your order?

Self-Collection is Free for orders above $85.00 and applicable for all of our Stores. As we have multiple facilities but one collection point, there are lead time to our Self-Collection Option. (Example: Order on Monday, expect to collect on Wednesday till Friday)

Self-Collection (2-4 working days)

Orders above $85.00 : Free

Orders below $85.00 : $5.00

Urgent Self-Collection (1-2 working days)

Orders above $85.00 : $6.00

Orders below $85.00 : $12.00

Will you expect delay in receiving your order?

Shipping may be delayed due to the nature of logistics traffic. Of which Buyer will be notified immediately and not subjected to compensation from The Old Skool SG.

Return & Refund

What do you do if your order is damaged upon receipt?

Do reach out to us and our team will consider an exchange or refund depending on the circumstance.

Can you request for refund?

Buyers may opt for either item return or monetary refund. Refund will only be made after comprehensive investigation by The Old Skool (SG) and damaged item(s) to be returned to us.

Returns must be made 14 days within receipt of orders where return shipping to be paid by buyer.

Where will the refund be made to?

Refund will be paid back to initial mode of payment.

Payment & Cancellation

What are the modes of payment to order?

We accept the following payments; - Major Credit / Debit Cards - PayPal - PayNow - paylah! - GrabPay - FavePay - iBanking *Pre-payment required for all orders unless otherwise agreed.

Do we accept other modes of payment?

For payments like e-invoice, credit term, or any other modes that are not listed, please inquire in via email at

Can you cancel after making payment?

Write in to us at or click reply on your Order Confirmation, and we'll advice you accordingly via email correspondence.

Sales Support

Where and when do we handle our Sales Support?

Our Sales Support Associates handles all digital queries and escalations on all of our platforms and stores.

Our Working Hours are on Weekdays between 10am and 7pm only. An auto-reply with FAQ are activated after working hours on most of our platforms.

How do you file a complaint?

Customers may file a complaint to should our associates have exploited this Sales Support Policy.

What is our Sales Support policy?

Our associates aim to answer all your queries and handle all your matters timely and accurately. We appreciate that they are reciprocated the same amount of respect.

Queries or escalations that jeopardise the integrity and morality of the chat can result to termination of query and cancellation of existing/future orders.


What are our Operational Hours?

Our working ours for Sales Support and Operations are from 10am to 7pm on Weekdays.

However, our #LazadaStore #ShopeeStore #Qoo10Store #AmazonStore #FaveStore and #WebsiteStore are 24/7 open for orders!

On the other hand, our #GrabStore (applicable for Yishun Residents) operates from 10am to 7pm daily.

What are the price and weight for our products?

Each of our product varies in price and weight. More information can be found in the respective Product Description.

Why is there a difference in prices?

We provide 2 type of prices for certain products; Wholesale & Retail.

Wholesale price sells at higher quantity with more savings as compare to Retail with lesser quantity.

What is the expiry date for our products?

All our products carry an expiration range of 3 months to 18 months from date of purchase. Request of longer expiration date is subject to availability.

How do you get in touch with us?

You can reach out to us via any of the following;

General Enquiry : Email to

Order Enquiry : Email to

Sales Hotline : Whatsapp +65 9015 9069

Is there a minimum order?

No minimum amount required for general orders. Promotions may or may not have minimum amount order requirement.

Are all our products available?

All our products are ready stocks that are subjected to availability upon ordering.

Accepted Mode of Payment

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