6 Things We Do With A Rubber Band In School

Back when you were in school, what would you do when you had a piece of rubber band in your palm? Here are 6 things we would think you would do...

The Finger Shooter

We're all guilty for doing this to the friend sitting at the front. We'll pretend to sleep or act as though we're not the one who shot at them. Guilty?

The Ruler Rifle

Boys will be boys they say. The 'Ruler Rifle' is the weapon of imaginative simulated war games between the boys. It may look harmless, that's because it's a 15cm ruler. Try being shot by a 30cm ruler.

The Stationery Wrap

"Eh, where is your pencil case?"

"There." while taking out the 'Stationery Wrap' from the school pocket. Usually seen during examinations, carried by students who only needs 1 of each stationery... without contingency if their pen runs out of ink.

The Magic Star

If you can't do this, you don't know magic they say. And should you master this, your classmates will be coming to yo with "How you do? Teach me leh." But a magician never reveal their secrets. Not.

The DIY Skipping Rope

Why buy a skipping rope when you can make one? Advantage of the 'DIY Skipping Rope: You are able to adjust the length simply by adding or removing the rubber bands. Totally worth it.

The Fashion Statement

The Agnes B bracelet during school. Popular among the girls. If it is a coloured hairband instead, means you got class.

What else did you do with a rubber band back in school? Share with us!

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