5 Old Skool TV Shows You Lived Through The 90's.

If you once spent your time watching these TV shows after dinner and not doing your homework or go to bed early for work the next day, you definitely live through the 90's.

1) Phua Chu Kang Pte. Ltd.

An eccentric contractor with his trademark yellow boots and large facial mole. While it carries the traditions of a sitcom, many unusual elements were used such as flashbacks, quick gags and celebrity cameo appearances.

2) Under One Roof

A typical every day life of a Singaporean Chinese family, headed by Tan Ah Teck-the owner of a mini-mart and his family-housewife Dolly and children Ronnie, Paul and Denise along with their neighbours with Malay and Indian neighbours.

3) Growing Up

Rediffusion radio, the wayang, the Beatles..icons which evoke memories of the 60's in this new series. It charts the ups and downs of the Tay family living in the era as seen through the eyes of the second son. Lim Kay Tong plays the stern patriarch; Wee Soon Hui, the typical stoic mother and Andrew Seow as a James Dean--like rebel.

4) Heartlanders

The show starred Vincent Ng and Aaron Aziz as the main cast. While the show evoked comparisons with Triple Nine, telecast from 1995 to 1999, Heartlanders was distinctively the first Singaporean English television series to be based primarily on uniformed patrol officers. The show was set in the Singaporean heartlands and in a typical public housing setting, hence the name Heartlanders.

5) Moulmein High

Disillusioned about the corporate world, Francine Ooi (Cynthia Koh), a high-flying marketing executive traded her marketing career for a teaching job. She is put in charge of a group of gifted, street smart and IT-savvy 16-year-olds with their unique set of problems and mindset that require her undivided attention. Her ‘unconventional’ teaching methods often gets her into trouble with the rigid, inflexible vice-principal.

What other TV shows that makes you live through the 90's?

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