5 Old-Skool Eateries Most Singaporeans Didn't Know Existed

How often do you see traditional eateries around Singapore? We are moving and growing too fast that everything is getting more and more modern.

But if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find these gems still around us. Keep them alive, don’t let them disappear off the face of the Earth!

Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice


Already in their 75th year in operation, Yet Con is a place to go for authentic hainanese chicken rice.

They probably have yet to change their furnitures and tiles to keep the old school feel alive. Look! They even have the orange coin telephone you use to see at void decks!

Their two most popular dishes are their hainanese chicken rice as well as their steamboat.

They are located at 25 Purvis Street, Singapore 188602

Heap Seng Leong Coffee Shop


This place have been opened since 1950 and not much have changed since then. You will find the owner personally brewing your coffee in his white singlet and blue striped pajama pants. I don’t think you can find many uncles still wearing like that.

Have you ever tried kopi gu you (coffee with melted butter)? Heap Seng Leong is one of the few coffee shops that sells that!

It is located at 10 North Bridge Road, Singapore 190010

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary


Serving freshly made chinese pastries and kaya toasts since the 1950s, this confectionary is a place not be missed.

Still in the setting of traditional coffee shop, they have olden days shelves, tables, tiles on the floor, tables and chairs.

They are located at 204 East Coast Road, Singapore 428903



Colbar Eating House, as it was originally called was opened by a Mr and Mrs Lim in 1953, making it 62 years old this year.

Although they do not serve traditional Singaporean food, they still give off the old school vibe as they serve food that is a handover from our time under British rule. This place is not air-conditioned and you will still find old school chairs and tables.

They are located at 9A Whitchurch Road, Singapore 138839

Red Hot Internet Cafe


Look at this really old school internet cafe! It not only looks like mini classroom, it is so cheap! With the owner sitting outside with old school tables and chairs and even an old school coffee pot, what more can you ask for?

They are located at 63 East Coast Road, Singapore 428776

So head down to these places so you’ll know how the places of where our older generation likes to chill at when they were younger!


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