End of 2016 Promotion: Up to 25% DISCOUNT for ALL Event Services!

Additional Hour @ $20.00/hour

(applicable to All)

Additional Wooden Event Signage @ $30.00/signage

(applicable to All except Event Favour)

Additional Biscuit/Candy/Chocolate/Snack @ The Old Skool retail pricing

(applicable to Snack and Event Favour only)

Additional Event Stickers @ $30.00

(applicable to Event Favour only)

Upgrade to Push-Cart & Event Board @ $80.00

(applicable to Cotton Candy and Popcorn booth only)

The Old Skool Snack Booth

The Old Skool Ice Cream Booth

The Old Skool Popcorn Booth

The Old Skool Cotton Candy Booth

The Old Skool Event Favour Package

Terms & Conditions

1) Date of Booking must be done by 31 December 2016 to enjoy discounted price. Date of Event may however be in the following year.

2) No reservation of services allowed.

3) 10% deposit is required upon every booking. Outstanding amount to be paid upon completion of event.

4) All payments should be by Cash, Cheque, Wire Transfer or e-Invoice only.

5) For additional pax or event customisation, please contact The Old Skool Team @ ask@theoldskoolevents.com

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