What are the Munch Plans?

What are The Old Skool Munch Plans? These plans are catered to everyone that wish to have snacks delivered to their convenience at NO DELIVERY FEE!

The Old Skool Munch Plans

Why is it better to subscribe to Munch Plans rather than to order with The Old Skool whenever I feel like?

Our customers will get to enjoy reduced prices in our menu when they subscribe to our Munch Plans. Plus, our customers can order anytime and as many as they want during the validity period with FREE delivery!

What are the different Munch Plans and what suits me best?

We have various plans from Personal, Party and Corporate with each has its own validity period and price plan. Check out our graphic illustration for more comprehensive understanding.

Are there loyalty benefits if I want more?

Definitely! Our loyal customers get to enjoy discounts for re-contracting our upgrade our Munch Plans. Check our graphic illustration for more comprehensive understanding. How do i go about subscribing for The Old Skool Munch Plans?

Simply contact us via email, call or whatsapp on your interest of the desired Munch Plan. Our Sales Consultants will revert to you with more details. Who do i contact should I have any queries during the plan?

For any enquiries before, during or after the plan, you may contact our Sales Consultants and they'll revert to you with answers soon as they stop munching!

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